Actually weird Problems with Custom Fonts

Hey everyone! I like to customize quite some of my symbols and the text-fonts (including symbols that look like text). So far everything worked out, except for Dynamics and - to my surpise - now with ottava alta.

Please check here what happens to the Combined Dynamics:

(horizontal spacing is in disarray)

And here what happens to the continuation of Ottava Lines:

(paranthesis flying away)

Sorry for using Arial as an example :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the dorico file containing both:

Thanks and best regards!


I’m sorry, Jeanne, I was not able to open your youtube videos… I might try later. Welcome to the forum, you’ll probably soon have the rights to post pictures and links!

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I just “liked” both of your posts, along with a direct reply, which should help to boost your trust level on the forum and allow you to post links shortly.


Thanks a lot, @dankreider and @MarcLarcher! Glad to be here :slight_smile:

(Edit: Trust level was upgraded, Links are now working in the original post :wink: )

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I hope we’ll find solutions to your problems!

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I tried pasting in the suffix for your YouTube video, but it said it was unavailable. Do you have your permissions set to public?

Appending the suffix worked for me. Here are the YouTube links:

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For the dynamics, how do they appear if you actually input them into the score? I’m not sure about the ottava issue. I played around with Engraving Options/Octave Lines and didn’t find an obvious solution. I even tried some other SMuFL compliant fonts without luck, and am not sure why it doesn’t correct when you change it back either. Sorry!

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I’m afraid I don’t think it’s possible to replace the octave line signs at the moment, due to the slightly odd way they are used by Dorico. This is something we plan to address in a future version.

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If you plan to customise all the music symbols that are text-like, you would be best served by making a new music font, even if just for a set of symbols that have their own Font Style (e.g. Dynamics, Fingering, etc)

Dorico does offer ‘plain’ text font options for many symbols, along with the Music Symbols editor, but for optimum results, you need a SMuFL font.