Acustica plug ins using all VST performance but nowhere near all CPU performance

Appears to be some kind of bottleneck that’s causing VST performance to max out and make sessions unworkable way before CPU resources are consumed. My CPU sits at around 20% at times when this happens. Core spread not the issue. Perhaps something to do with ASIO not being able to keep up.

Looking to find out if there are solutions out there and where the heart of the problem lies.

I have a powerful Mackbook pro. Specs are totally fine.

Would M1 chip or other hardware be an improvement? Cubase on PC has an extra ASIO check box option apparently that might help but I can’t access it in Mac.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


I’m sorry, I don’t use these plug-ins.

But as it is one plug-in vendor specific (as far as I understand your report), I would rather ask the plug-in vendor.