Acustica Plugins issue fixed?

Hey guys! Can someone confirm that cubase 11 doesn’t crash with acustica plugins when closing a project ??

I would like to know that too, if anybody has been able to authorize C11

me too.


Nope , they still lock up on exit , i would post on the FB AA group but im on a 24 hour holiday from FB so if someone wants to post there …

Damn that’s really bad news. Is this definitely a Steinberg issue?

I’ll post on the FB group.


They won’t fix it. Neither of them, I don’t believe they are even talking to each other

I don’t know , i had good hopes for a while as everything loaded and worked without stuttering but i left the audio running fora while turned a few knobs and it locked up and had to use the manager to exit as per usual , C11 seems a lot less glitchy so i was hoping but im afraid not for me ,this is without the October patch from Win 10

Bad news​:pensive::pensive: