Acustica Plugins no longer crash Wavelab with 9.5.4x???

I emailed Acustica today to ask for an update regarding Wavelab compatibility issues and was told by tech support to use VST3 only on 9.5.4x and that it should work. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of 4 projects and am on 9.5.35 and am not willing to disturb a working system until they’re complete and was hoping that somebody who is running 9.5.4x and uses Acustica plugins could verify?

Would very much appreciate confirmation of success (or failure so I can report back).

Thanks to any helpers!


Acustica’s Aquamarine in the Master Section still crashes WaveLab 9.9.5 (same with 9.5.4) when attempting to render, however Nebula works fine.

I wouldn’t hold my breath for a fix, Acustica is not interested and PG says it’s not WaveLab at fault.


There are some workarounds for now:

  1. Some of the latest Acquas support now vst3

  2. Haven’t try myself but some users run acustica plugins through BC Patchwork without crashes on rendering.

  3. You can open an audio montage and do your work there by adding AA plugins to the Output Montage effects window instead of the Master section. Wavelab will not crash on export-render.

Acustica have updated Aquamarine to v.4, inserted in the Master Section it no longer crashes Wavelab when rendering. It’ is a great mastering compressor but a real CPU hog and definitely not a channel plug…not on many channels anyway.
It also now comes with “A ‘BRAND NEW’ VINTAGE PASSIVE EQ FROM THE 1950s” included.

I’m glad they fixed it, and giving it as a free upgrade, after suggesting Wavelab was responsible for the crashes :wink:.

Good to hear!