Acustica says they are waiting on Steinberg for a reply?

I know this topic has been covered in other threads but after getting my responses from Acustica, I thought it might be productive to share them here to see how Steinberg and Acustica can move forward. PG says he has sent Acustica the information they need. Acustica says this:

In summary: our products are not standalone software, so we are in contact with audio and video hosts developers where our products run. Soon as Steinberg details us the change(s) in Wavelab Pro 9.5 related with VST2 plug-in format we will consider the relevant modifications in our products to be compatible with the new version or directly remove the compatibility with Wavelab completely.

The Wavelab Pro current status is: not fully compatible, version 9.0 and 9.1x, but not other(s) version, specially if the make changes without release any documentation.

PG: What else do they need???

PG: What else do they need???

They simply need to try it to identify the problem! Why don’t they even try?
Kay from Steinberg has instructed them how to reproduce the problem, they should even have a WaveLab version. Kay is currently is vacation hence can’t speak to them.

You can add Kush Novation to the list of plugins that stopped working between versions 9.5.15 and 9.5.25. PG: what information do these developers need to account for the changes between versions?

between versions 9.5.15 and 9.5.25

Current version is 9.5.35.
Did you try this?

Honestly, no. I’m not the type to jump in with both feet when a new release becomes available because based on past experience, invariably it increases the risk of messing up something else (like it did going from 9.5.15 to 9.5.25 as a perfect example). If you believe that updating to 9.5.35 will resolve the issues and restore functionality to Acustica and Novatron, then you have a strong case for the update. But this would also indicate that 9.5.25 has “issues”, no?

9.5.30 and 9.5.35 are about fixing issues with some plugins.

This being said, Acustica problem as far as it could analysed on my side, is not a WaveLab problem.
This is why Acustica was requested to try on their side. The ball is currently on their side, and you should “motivate” them.

For Novatron, this was not tried, hence I can’t answer.

This is what received from Acustica regarding Aquamarine crashing WaveLab:

"Hello Mauri,

Information provided from Steinberg is inaccurate, there are more than 35 products available in our market, and only one is crashing Wavelab, 9x, we track it and is pending for a fix from our development team.
Current status of your crash report is not replicated, without a test computer replicating the crash we are not able to: log it, debug it or fix it. We have kindly requested an example session due could be a setting or something different from our test computers and your relating with your Wavelab settings."

As asked, I sent them a video screen capture of WaveLab crashing, plus my system specs etc., this is their reply:

"Hello Mauri,

With exactly same files Wavelab Pro 9.10 not crash in offline render and Wavelab Pro 9.53 crash with a Visual Studio error. We will contact Steinberg to get in details what they changed for VST2 plug-in format in Wavelab 9.5x."



What changed in WaveLab 9.5.25 is 64 bit processing support. They were told about this AFAIK. Apparently, not your contact person.
This discussion has to be done between Acustica and Steinberg.

Ok, PG.

Since I have to roll back to a previous Macrium Reflect image on my PC, I decided to install 9.5.35 to see what happened. Kush Novatron now functions without crashing. I don’t understand how it went from working in 9.5.15 to crashing in 9.5.25 to working again in 9.5.35 but this is why I wait to do updates. Acustica plugs still cause a hard crash. I’ve updated my ticket with them asking for them to work more closely with Steinberg to resolve this. If that is not possible, would it be possible to get a copy of of the 9.5.15 installer so that I can use everything again until a solution is found?

Update: Acustica says that they will attempt to fix the issue and if they cannot, that essentially Wavelab will be blacklisted as not compatible with their plugins.

PG: How can I get a copy of 9.5.15?

How can I get a copy of 9.5.15?

I don’t know. I will ask.

I’m seeing reports of Acustica issues in REAPER (also 64-bit floating point) and Sequoia as well.

I think maybe Acustica needs to put a little more effort into plugin spec compatibility and performance so it can be used in more than just Pro Tools :slight_smile:

Agreed. They don’t even work that well in Pro Tools (in Windows) to be honest which is why I began to use them more in Wavelab. When they work, they honestly sound REALLY good, but their whole platform feels buggy, clunky and temperamental.

“but their whole platform feels buggy, clunky and temperamental.” Yeah, Nebula 4 UI also sometimes goes black and can cause Cubase to crash.
It’s a shame really as I use N4 a lot, mainly for EQ and reverb where it is excellent quality wise. And as far as Aquamarine here, which according to them is supposed to be a “Mastering compressor”, is not much good if it causes WL and (as reported) DAWs to crash. Fairly expensive too. more than $300AU.

If they go through with ‘blacklisting’ WL, I will not spend another penny on their products…there are plenty of other products equally as good.

Hi, some days ago I was told from Acustica that they still need additional time to analyse the problem on their side first.

Got a notification that my ticket has been closed. No explanation. No update. Nothing. Just closed.

I asked them in the ticket 11 days ago if there was a status update. No reply.

These dudes are a joke just liker their plugins. I wonder if DW Fearn was told this before they put their name on such a fragile platform. I’ll bet if enough users put pressure on Fearn asking why their great plugin doesn’t work on the world’s most used mastering application, they might be inclined to light a fire under Acustica. I’m emailing them now:

I don’t understand the meaning of an “open ticket” on a subject that they already said in public, that they are working on it.
Also I don’t think Mr Fearn’s mind is childish. He knows very well what he’s doing.

Thanks for the amazing insight.