Are there more brands of hi-end converters other than Prism Apogee Lynx on the market?

Well, you should really try the high end RME series.
Or the Yamaha (Steinberg) MRX.

I would’ve never thought I would ever say this, but being able to compare between a wide range of Apogee AD’s, these things are absolutely within the same league.


Funny me :stuck_out_tongue:
forgot SB produce AI as well :mrgreen:


I didn’t listen to prizm so I don’t know, maybe they are comparable with rme, but lavry and ua converters are definitely better then RME in my opinion.

Thanks for the inputs :wink:


You mean Universal Audio?


Kiitos :mrgreen:

Не за что :slight_smile:

Lavry, Benchmark, Mytek, all top players

Have you tested RME ADI-8 QS and/or RME M-32 AD/DA ??

SSL converters also is very good AND cheap.

I do not like Lynx.