Adam Audio A7 PSU - where to get one?

Does anybody have any idea where I can get an Adam Audio A7 repaired please?
It has got to be the PSU, possibly the Bridge Rectifier as it keeps blowing the internal fuse. The trouble is I cannot seem to find anyone who can fix this - I took it to the local agent who tell me (after 2 weeks) that nobody can supply the PSU any longer, so I am now expecvted to shell out almost three quarters of a grand because a Bridge Recitifier has shorted out. We are constantly being lectured about Recycle this, save the planet that yet I now have to toss a system because I cannot get a PSU repaired and it is driving me totally Cadburys here.

Can anybody please advise?

ADAM audio is now part of the Focusrite group.
Isn’t it possible to find an electronics repair service near you?

Trying to find one.
Went to the Adam Audio dealers who tell me that the parts are no longer available.
Got a lead on a decent electrical repair outlet though.