Adanced Orchestral templates and use of presets. Your practices?

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I am setting up fro a large musical project. I have Cubase 11 and lots of Orchestras and many VST instruments

To keep this all organized I have set up a large Template. All my sounds are in appropriate folders such as “strings”, “brass” etc, inside these are sub folders “Trumpets”,“Euphoniums”, “Brass Ensembles”, etc. Each folder gets its own group track which routes the sounds onward, thus all trumpets get their own mixer tab and so do all brass. I have done this for all sections of the orchestra and several other genres, such as guitars, vocals, synths. BTW all tracks are disabled so RAM or CPU is not a problem. There are somewhere over a thousand tracks. It took a while, but its all working now, like a dream.

I am now considering if I should save all these sounds as “track presets”, but I understand that I will loose the routings. Presets, I think, just keep the track data, the inserts etc. TBH I have not used them much.

There is another Cubase function called “Track Archives”. I know little about this too, but it looks fairly promising. Not sure if its a blind alley for me. I think Track Archives save the routing, but frankly I can’t see how, if a new project does not have the routing already set up the same way.

Ideally what I would like to do when creating a new project is to import a folder such as “Strings”, Audition the strings I want and delete the rest.

How do people work with track presets and track archives especially when dealing with large scores?

In these days of large libraries, monster hard drives, it’s important to be disciplined, otherwise one loses track of what sounds one has.

Would be very interesting to know how others work


I use disabled tracks in combination with VEPro7, which holds my strings, woodwinds, brass and Perc.
All synths, keys, drums, bass and so on, is on my Mac Pro.
So a template on around 750 tracks. Some body told me that the bug with Cubase loosing channel and routing par. on imported track presets are gone, but I haven’t tried.
I have seen track archives, but I haven’t worked with them.

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You can find a lot of info about this on

It is usually the subject of the week every week :slight_smile:

Thanks I already posted there too, no replies yet, black Friday Fever I expect

Could you save this huge project like any other Cubase project, then in a new project use Import from Project and just choose the Strings folder?


In fact, there is no need to create a separate project. The template is already a project stored in the Cubase AppData folder.

Thank you for this. For some reason I have never even tried this, its not somewhere I “go”. I imported a folder of Strings, with its groping tracks. At first it did no work, tracks imported but no sound, but then, whilst I had it looping (and was writing an email), suddenly there was sound. Weird!

If one has a template stored in the Cubase AppData folder, that seems great but the one issue is how does one not have huge project file size when saving especially if one does incremental new saves for the project?

Does having the tracks disabled reduce the file size for the project?

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