Adapt a midi drum loop for a GA instrument

I got a midi drum loop from my mox8 and I would like to adapt it for a groove agent instrument.
The way I did it so far is, select all notes of the same height (key/sound) and drag it to the sound I want it to. E.g. playing the midi file unchanged, it plays cymbals instead of kicks. So, I drag all notes playing cymbals to the kicks. However, this is bothersome and difficult to place it at the right location. On top of that, I need to it for all parts and mostly for several keys.
I there an easier way to do that? A mapping or so?
Thanks for replying it advance.

Hi jonas3025

You don’t have to touch any of the notes in the key editor!

If for example a cymbal sound is playing instead of a kick, simply highlight the pad that has the kick sound you like and then right click and select CUT and then find and highlight the pad that is playing the cymbal and right click again and select PASTE and now your midi file will be playing the correct kick sound.

Use the same method for all your kit pieces and once you’re done don’t forget to save your new kit as a user preset to be on the safe side! :wink:

Hope this has resolved your issue?

Kind regards

James Colah

Thank you, James!
This is already a good start. I could follow your instructions nicely.
One problem happened to me with the first note I wanted to change: In my midi file the B0 seems to be the kick. In the groove agent, it was empty under the instrument tab. But in the groove editor, it played the BO from the pattern tab in the groove agent. The kick sound I found, I could obviously not copy to the pattern, and if I copied it to the pad in the instrument, it did not play it.

Any thoughts?

Hi again Jonas,

Sorry I don’t quite understand your explanation regarding this new issue so if you like we can arrange a Teamviewer session and I will try and resolve the issue for you once and for all?

Feel free to send me a private message if you would like to do the Teamviewer session but I don’t know where you live so be mindful that I live in London, England so there could be a time difference between us!

Have a nice day and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

James Colah