Adaptive tempo while recording

Unless I missed something, Cubase doesn’t have adaptive tempo while recording, where the tempo adapts to your playing. This way you could be more flexible, use more rubato, which is extremely handy particularly in more classical music, but also for anything to emphasize emotion.

I know logic has it. Why not cubase?

Thank you, but I am not talking about audio warp which is a tool that can be applied to data AFTER they have been recorded.
I am talking about adaptive tempo WHILE RECORDING midi. Meaning, that the tempo will adjust AS I am recording my midi. This way I can do rubato performances and still be on the grid.

I don’t think Cubase has this. I have only seen it in logic. It would be fantastic if Cubase could add this.


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Hi @samueltornqvist -

Yes, I would love that too, holy grail etc.!

In those other sequencers you mention that have that feature … is there a lot of tempo correction/touch up work required after recording?

If so, perhaps doing it after the fact in Cubase isn’t such a comparative loss … ?

No, it works rather well in fact

Well, if it’s not already possible in Cubase (??) i hope that it’s on Cubase’s development list.

Thanks for pointing that out.