ADAT Latency?

My Interface is a TC Electronics Konnekt 48. I am trying to use an MR816CSX via ADAT for another 8 inputs. It is passing signal and sounds fine however anything I record on the MR seems to be about 35 samples behind what is recorded on the konnekt. Right now I am running at 44.1/24 with 64 buffer. Everything seems to be locked together. The Konnekt’s clock source is set to internal and the MR’s is set to ADAT. Any Idea what might be causing the extra latency on the MR?

Your findings don’t surprise me. If Konnekt 48 is your master recording interface then the signal path from the MR816csx inputs is a bit longer than the signal path from Konnekt’s own inputs. Did you try to swap those two interfaces? I mean to record from MR816csx and use Konnekt 48 for the additional inputs? I would say that the result would be similar…

Anyway, if the time shift of 35 samples is consistent and stable then you can simply place delay lines on the internal input channels (the Konnekt’s inputs in your case). This way, your recorded tracks should be perfectly synchronized.

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Thanks, I just switched to using the MR as the master recording interface and used the Konnekt 48 as the extra inputs. The results where the same. The MR is still the one that’s behind by about 35 samples So its definitely something with the MR. I am testing using 1 mic and a passive splitter and I have tried both outputs on the splitter to each interface. Same results no matter how I do it. I guess the MR just has more latency and I will have to manually compensate for it. I thought ADAT would allow the clocks to sync together. Maybe i’m not understanding clocking correctly. Would an external word clock help this out any?

I have been doing some more testing and I guess its not a constant 38 samples. Its jumping around between 30 and 70 samples. -Edit, Ignore this.

Is you latency experience strictly with the ADAT? How is the rest of the MR performing? Sorry if I missed something. I read too many threads on the forum and my mind begins to get foggy. :open_mouth:

Ok I think i was confused earlier. It is a constant 38 samples. The latency is the same with firewire also. Not just ADAT.

Okay, this is the exact opposite to what I expected :wink: I thought that Konnekt would be behind MR in this setting… Now I agree with you, there is really something with the MR. Perhaps you have the internal effects active on MR’s own inputs? You can try this experiment: please, leave MR as the master recording interface, go to the MR Control Panel and change the internal effects setting. Place the effects on the ADAT inputs, rather than on the analogue inputs. Will this adjustment affect the latency?