ADAT light won't stop blinking

I have search the web, this forum, and every where else I can search. I called Steinberg support, but apparently, they don’t answer the phone and don’t return messages left on their support line. Here is the deal.
I just bought a new Focusrite Clarett 8 pre thunderbolt interface, which I am trying to use as a master making my 816X the slave, but the Adat light won’t blinking and won’t sync, and I am not getting any signal in Focusrite control or studio one 2 professional last version updated before they started selling studio one 3 a few months ago.

Using Mac book pro 10.95

What I have tried:
down loaded the latest MR Editor
use one adat cable (out) of 816x to the of (in) Focusrite
Had focusrite on the phone they took remote control of my computer and could not fix the problem
Tried to switch things around making 816x master and focusrite slave didn’t work
Set everything to 41hz and 48hz tried mixing them 41hz on one and 48 on the other
tried unplugging Thunderbolt cable and setting the 816x by its self
tried rebooting in various configurations
tried making focusrite internal and and 816x ADAT as well as focusrite ADAT and 816x internal both internal both ADAT
Tried various fade positions in MR editor with ALL ADAT channels and the other 8 channels up, down, spilt down the middle up and down on each side
Tried new ADAT cable

I have not tried a factor reset
but wondering if this could have an effect and I don’t really understand what that means in terms of would I have to reinstall drive or other stuff

Anyway I have know idea what else to tried. At this point I about ready to just return to focusrite unit which sounds great just can’t get it to sync with 816x