Adat Output 7 and 8 don't working

I’m having trouble with my MR816. The adat output 7 and 8 don’t work and the card is the adat mode in the settings. Someone has an idea? :frowning:


Not it front of a system now, but it sounds suspiciously like you have the SPDIF I/O activated. When this is turned on only ADAT 1-6 work. Make sure it’s in all ADAT mode in the Audio Hardware set up … or through the MR Edit utility. BTW make sure that your Cubase template isn’t changing the 816’s setup when you load it… so you think you have SPDIF off, but it’s actually on!

The 816 has 8 digital I/O only , which have to be shared between Optical I/O, Coax I/O and FX I/O. Bit miserly, so I really wish they’d split it up a bit more and give us extra combinations to use… eg SPDIF On, REVX On, 4 ADAT,


Wow, I forgot about this. So if I have RevX & the Sweet Spot Compressor on, I only have 4 channels of I/O? :frowning: