ADAT with MR816x and UR824

Hi everybody,
I used from many years a MR816x. Today, I bought a UR824 and I would like to expand MR inputs.

I want to use the UR as master and the MR as slave. I connect two optical cables : IN<->OUT and OUT<->IN.

So, I read many topics on this forum and another, but no chance for me, I have no sound from the MR inputs (slave).

The UR824 :

The MR816x :

On the front of the UR, the internal lamp is green. On the front of the MR, the ADAT lamp is green. So, I think I’m ok on the configuration.

When I open the MREditor (for the MR816x slave), I have this :

Do you think it’s normal the word Clock Master is on MR816x ? I didn’t find how to change it, I have only this choice.

So, I have no sound on the MR inputs.
Can you help me, please ?

Thanks a lot in advance !

PS : I posted this topic also in the UR forum…

The MR should just say ADAT in the box for Digital I/O External effects. UNLESS you want 6 ADAT channels and an SPDIF pair on the RCA connectors

  1. I think the WORD CLOCK Master will only allow you to change it IF you are using a BNC wordclock cable which is the best way to sync them since the clock is on its own cable. Its a cheap RadioShack BNC cable
  2. CLick on the Output tab in the MR CONSOLE on the far right for your outputs and select:

ADAT 1-2, Turn up the mic input channels for ADAT 1-2 and the Main orange fader
ADAT 3-4, do the same thing
ADAT 5-6, same
ADAT 7-8 same.

That will give you signal level and output to the ADAT ports. ***I honestly dont think you should have to do step 2. The only thing you should have to do is lock the clock inside the AMS then bring things up volume wise from the ADAT inputs coming into the UR from the MR using the TOOLS for the UR824 mixer app, an MR Console for the UR if you will

Make sure you have Downloaded and INSTALLED the Tools for UR824. This is where youll raise the volume on the inputs coming from the ADAT ports, mix buss 1 for example will show the analog inputs as well as the ADAT ports just like the MR Conosle does.

Hello Shanabit,
Yes, it works !!!
I didn’t know I have to touch the volume in the MREditor… And now, it works perfectly !!

Thanks you !!!

Go into your MR Console and store your settings so youll have them. Mines labeled Shanes MIX since Im Shane HA

I think on those ADAT outputs you would just bring up mic inputs 1 and 2 for the ADAT output channel 1-2, Mic inputs 3-4 to ADATS out 3-4, etc. I dont think you need all the mics turned up on each mix buss is what Im sayin. You may need to PAN each mic input so it comes up on the correct channel as well

Mic 1= Pan L = ADAT 1
Mic 2= Pan R= ADAT 2
Mic 3=Pan L= ADAT 3
Mic 4= Pan R= ADAT 4


Glad you got it going. :mrgreen:

PM me once you work your way around the UR824, Im really interested in it. Let me know what ya think of it

Did you have to hook the mr816 all by itself?
Because when everything is hooked up the mr editor doesn’t or cannot find the mr816

Once you have the MR setup with the ADAT ports and its volume faders up then you store it so yes you have to have it hooked up to get this going with what he is wanting. THEN you just use the UR Editor at that point

have the same setup as you do.
When you have ONE input only , do all the other inputs follow the one input???