Add a Lyric Track Type for Songwriting

I would love to see a Lyric and Songwriting tool available in Cubase as a Lyric Track that would allow songwriters to work with lyrics directly inside Cubase. It would be amazing to have similar functionality to the opensource and now unsupported “Verseperfect” software that allows you to look up words on the internet in real time with synonyms, antonyms, rhyming dictionary and literature references.

Today I use verseperfect on a second monitor while running cubase, but there would be a lot of power having them combined into the DAW.

Imagine being able to drag and drop chords off the chord assistant overtop of the lyrics, and then tie those to measures. This would make chord sheets simple to create and print off. Then you could have a virtual “lyrics sheet” that could pop up on screen during recording, serving up lyrics for the vocalists to follow as they are recording their parts.

Then get crazy and automatically feed the lyrics into a speech synth like Plogue alter/ego to generate virtual vocals based on a midi input, or to a formant filter effect.

Please vote for this idea if you are a songwriter that wants to work on lyrics inside Cubase!

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