Add a new track from presets with a shortcut

Hi everybody,
is there a way to add a track from presets by shortcuts? Could this be possible with the logical editor? For example I would love to hit a key and insert a Kontakt instrument track.

Hello, I don’t think this is possible out of the box, I did search on it in the past with no solution from inside Cubase, I hope another user can provide a solution.

However, it is doable using external utilities, for example AutoHotKey, Bome MIDI Translator Pro and other.

The idea is to create a sequence Add Track Using Track Preset→Click on the search field (In CB13 the search field doesn’t receive focus on tab press)→Paste there the name of the track preset that you assigned to the instrument you want→Apply a delay for some milliseconds in order for the mediaBay to populate the results table→Press tab→Press arrow down→Press Enter.

I do use an almost identical sequence for creating tracks this way. Here’s an example from my own utility, for adding a track (I have saved a track preset for this) with Omnisphere:


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Thank you for your answer.
I will give a try. It’s a pity that we cannot do it with the logical editor.