Add a red line below the content of selected tracks

Please, add a red line below the content of selected tracks. Thank you.



I’m just wondering, what is your use case or problem, you want to solve?

What’s your expectation in the multi-selection (multiple tracks are selected) case, please?

My use case (long answer)

In order to edit something in a project with 80 tracks (32 staves in the score editor), it’s a bit tiresome to keep looking at the Track List (to make sure you’re not copying / splitting / resizing / etc the wrong MIDI part).

One suggestion would be to color the tracks differently, but I’d rather not do it, because I want my template to look like this:

  • Green, for parts containing MIDI notes only (staff track).
  • Grey, for parts containing controller information only (expression track).
    These grey tracks allow me to control the expression (gain, attack, release, pitch-bend, etc) of principal (1st) and supporting (2nd) oboe / flute / etc. independently, while both play on the same stave.

    There’s also a “C” articulation, which — if selected — will make both patches (instruments) receive — at the same time — the same MIDI note message (while the expression can still be edited/added independently).
Screenshot (Expression Map window)

(short answer)

If a red line would show the content of the selected track/tracks, I would’t have to look at the Track List more than once (to select the tracks I need to edit). Then, I could copy / paste / etc. without rolling my eyes back and forth.

Enlarge Selected Track wouldn’t help.

I would expect that with every new track selection I would get a new red line. In other words, below the content of every selected track should be a red line (solid, dashed, doesn’t matter — but visible).

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