Add a set of tracks

Is it possible to add/load a set of tracks in one “click”? I want to be able to load multiple tracks with presets on them simultaneously (e.g. two percussion tracks with fab filter eq routed to a group channel track, two vocal tracks with my vocal chain routed to another group channel track and so on…) in just one click, like loading a preset chain.

I know I can load templates with a pre-configured set of tracks when Im starting up a new project BUT is that possible to do while already in a project?



You can import multiple tracks from other project. So you could prepare a project with your “track presets” and load them to you project at once.


Thank YOU! It was actually a really good way to solve my problem. I will do a project with all tracks that I could possibly need and just add them from that project to my new projectsa when needed.

Thanks again.