Add a Show Lanes button to group tracks

Consider this scenario:

A folder contains 2 tracks, and the folder has Group Editing activated. The user wants to show the lanes of the child tracks of the folder.

Currently, when the user clicks Show Lanes on one of the child tracks, the lanes on that track alone will show. Having one track’s lanes showing in a group with Group Editing activated breaks most editing functionality however; for example, moving audio events up or down lanes within a track will move the linked events different amounts in the sibling tracks, causing the two tracks to lose sync (I think this should be fixed separately as well…).

I think one option to fix this behavior would be to Show Lanes on tracks within groups with Group Editing activated should show lanes for all affected tracks. This seems like an antipattern though as I don’t think any functionality currently exists where child functions cascade to siblings like this.

That’s why I think a Show Lanes button is probably the better option. It would also lock in with the group tracks’ Record button functionality. It would be a great quality of life update for group tracks to have this workflow feature.