Add a "swap notes" function when using multiple MIDI tracks in parallel

I often edit multiple MIDI parts on different tracks in parallel, e.g. when editing a string ensemble. What I would have wished for on plenty of occasions would have been a function which allows the user to quickly swap two selected notes between overlapping MIDI parts.

Let’s say you have 5 notes on 5 MIDI tracks, one for each instrument (1st Violin, 2nd Violin, etc.). Now you quickly want to swap the note played by the 1st Violin with the note of the 2nd Violin… Currently I will have to select each not independently and copy paste them between the different tracks.

That’s extremely time consuming and cumbersome. I wished I could achieve the same result by selecting the two notes on each instrument and simply hit “swap”. Nice and easy…

I always thought something similar could be achieved with the logical editor. But in its current for it is way too limiting. In Reaper I was able to script this kind of thing with 10 min. Such a HUGE time saver for orchestral work.