Add ability to include 'e=e throughout' metric modulation to tempi

I’m currently working on a project with many time signature changes, and would like to specify ‘e=e throughout’ at the beginning of the score to avoid having to add ‘e=e’ on every bar.

For example, I would like to specify something like the following as my initial tempo marking:
Steady and majestic q=60 (e=e throughout)

From reading the documentation and doing a little experimentation, this doesn’t currently seem to be possible (except by adding it as custom text - this is what I’m doing presently). Am I missing a toggle or particular syntax for the tempo popover?

If it’s not currently possible to do, it would be amazing if you would consider implementing it in a future release. This is a marking that I use all the time, and I know many other composers are the same.

Thanks in advance.

You’re not missing anything. At present you need to add it as texts using something like MusGlyphs.

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I suppose one could add the tempo equation to the second measure and then move it in engrave mode, but using MusGlyphs is probably simpler.

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