add Absolute to End of Year sale!! at least add Halion - what is point of selling expansion without the host product?


I doubt they will add absolute it was just on sale 2 weeks ago for black Friday


As sd1989 said, you just missed a 50% off sale on Absolute 4 and Iconica Opus. Iconica certainly was a 50% discount on full product and upgrades, I think Absolute was too. This made Absolute cheaper on sale than buying a full version of HALion 6 at full price.

Most if not all of the expansions in the current sale work with the free HALion Sonic SE 3.

2019 has been a good year for Steinberg offers. We’ve had 50% off full versions and upgrades for Cubase 10 (Pro, Artist and Elements), Absolute 4 and Iconica Opus. There have been 30% off sales for Wavelab 9.5 (Pro and Elements), Dorico 2 (can’t remember if that was Pro only or Elements as well), HALion 6, Iconica Ensembles and Iconica Sections and Players - I think some of these might have been full versions only. There was an introductory discount on Spectralayers 6 and I think also on Wavelab 10. There have been various sales on expansions, especially the new HALion expansions from third parties sold through Steinberg. Absolute 4 owners got the new Olympus Choir Micro and Padshop 2 products added to their licences free of charge.

All this means that at some point during 2019 there has been a deep discount sale on all Steinberg’s top-tier products except Nuendo. Nuendo got permanently lower pricing with the release of Nuendo 10 - both full licences and crossgrades from Cubase Pro are much cheaper than they used to be.

Your right, though I didn’t take advantage of these myself it has been a good year for Steinberg sales.
Their sales have been real as well - unlike some other companies in this industry who are constantly having sales on their products, so much so it makes their average actual prices something in the order of 50% off their recommended price. It both devalues their “sales” promotion and makes a mockery of their pricing. A shame because there is some real innovation in their products.

Commends to Steinberg for not giving over to that disturbing trend and having both real sales I can take advantage of and real pricing that reflects value (for me).

yes yes thank you Steinberg…

just saying… I would be SUPER stoked to see Absolute %50 pop up for sale again around Christmas/Boxing Day…

Unfortunately I missed the black Friday 50% off Iconica Opus and of course I do not want to wait another year. Without an „absolute to end of year sale“ I need to jump on a Spitfire Audio orchestra library which are all coming with rebates dring x-Mas.