Add AI to continue a certain MIDI melody

Please add more AI functions like: continue a MIDI melody, suggest a drum pattern etc.

I wouldnt like to see Cubase or any DAW ‘create’ music

this should help for inspiration and not kill the musician :slight_smile:

come on, use your creativity, you want AI to write the song for you?

In the meanwhile, if you are not inspired enough with the possibilities already available in Cubase, e.g. the scale and chord assistants , or the included content, then you could take a look at third-party VSTs , such as Scaler 2.

There’s always Spotify…

Or Band in A Box. Great software and specialized in doing that kind of things. Not with AI, though, until I know.

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:point_up_2: Band in a Box is a great recommendation.
There are also a few companies that sell song building blocks such as MIDI melodies that are royalty free.

Yeah. biab has had actual algorithmic composition tools since it’s beginning. The whole concept is based on it.

I don’t use it much these days, but I first bought it for Apple System 7 around 1995. (Its interface has hardly changed in the intervening decades!)

No, i don’t want Cubase to write the whole song for me, but if I just need a little inspiration this could be a possible way. I am just thinking of chord progression, these are also suggestions that can be used or not. And I would estimate a similar feature for melodies. (maybe suggested by an AI)