Add an option to search for products in Download Assistant

Some sections have long list of products under it and to find one which i found on steinberg website requires lot of scrolling and carefully looking for each products in the list, if there was an option to search to filter out the items based on the search text it would have been much better…

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was thinking the exact same thing a few days ago


Was looking to see if the Download Assistant could download the Activation Manager - don’t think it can, but not totally sure.

The Download Assistent installs and Updates all utilities, including the Activation Manager.

Where is it hidden? I gave up looking and got it from the website. So it’s kinda like a great use case for adding a Search function.

It’s installed together with the Download Assistant. If the SDA can’t find the Activation Manager or if there’s a newer version available, it’s automatically installed on startup. So, there’s no need to install it manually.