Add an option where video track follows the current arranger

Video playback doesn’t follow the cursor when the arranger track is activated.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an empty project
  2. Add an audio track and import a song to it (anything greater than 1 minute length would be ok to see the problem)
  3. Add a video track and import a video clip to it (if video track is related to the audio track will be easier to see the problem)
  4. Create an Arranger track and add 3 events (A, B and C), related to 3 sections of the entire song (parts with the same size will help)
  5. Create a new “Chain” in the arranger track, and add the events in following order: B -> A -> C
  6. Be sure Arranger track is activated and play it from the beginning.

-> The song starts in section B, where audio and video is following the cursor. When section B ends, cursor jumps to section A. At this moment, the audio will still follow the cursor but video will be playing part C as no jump occurred.

Add an option where video follows cursor just like any other track when arranger track is activated.

The manual is very clear to say that: “You can also use the arranger track for live performances on the stage, in clubs or at parties.”

“Arranging music to video” is only one possible application where you combine video, audio and arranger track.
IMHO, the expected behavior when using live is that audio and video should follow the cursor. When you have audio and video track in sync, doesn’t make any sense jump audio and not the video.

Imagine you have a bunch of songs in sequence at the same project. Each song has audio and video parts in sync.
Arranger track is totally useless to set a setlist for a show if you lost your video sync.
It’s also unexpected and awkward to see the cursor in a position and a particular track (video) just ignore it.

I thought it was a bug, because for me my suggestion was the expected behavior. It was discussed in the topic and the moderator considered as a feature suggestion, so here it is. Please add this ASAP!

Come on guys… I know most of you don’t care about videos in Cubase, but I can’t be alone…