Add and remove bus multiple times

During recording I have to add or remove bus a ton of times in order to finish a song. The input meter will, out of the blue, go all the way up and stay there while I’m attempting to record, meanwhile the audio is just a digital, non-musical buzz. It will remain that way until I either add or remove a bus. I don’t have any VST plugins working or anything else that might jumble the system and it’s just completely random. One time I may be recording a song and it happens 2 or 3 times. Another time it’s every 20 seconds. It’s Cubase LE5 and I can give more info if needed. Thanks

and we’re off :laughing:

Oh, is this a popular topic that has been answered a million times? LOL I apologize. I’ve spent a couple hours Googling and even searched other recording forums but to no avail. Figured I’d try here. I’ll search the forum here and see what I can find. :wink:

no no … my bad. I was being sarcastic at your expense based on some other threads about the recent decision to open the forums up. My apologies. There is not much to go on based on your information. A full system specs would be usefull … probably a laptop, how much ram, cpu, OS, audio interface … drivers etc… Someone might be able to come up with something with that kind of info.

Don’t laugh :mrgreen: 1.5 GB Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz Win XP Lexicon Alpha (included drivers) When recording I shut everything down including wireless network so it’s just the bare bones of the system running. Some days Cubase works fine, others (today), it’s hardly even worth my time.

You could simply have a hard drive defrag issue … or near capacity causing an HD overload stutter.

You can also use this tool to see if you have some device causing you problems

So a good cleaning out of old files and a defrag might help? Simple enough. Will give it a try. Thanks.

Ran the latency check. The highest it got was 419.

You need to read the doc that tells you what each of the indicators is telling you.

Cleaned up all my RAM, defragged, deleted old files and whatnot and it seems to be working fine again. Well, good enough. Still have the occasional stall but nothing I’m not used to already. Thanks