Add Audio Track Attributes/Categories on Cubase 10?

Hi everyone.

I’ve ordered Cubase 10 Elements license, and I’m watching tutorials, learning Cubase at the moment.
I failed to find the Add Audio Track → “Browse” button which contains Attributes/Categories, Styles, on the screenshot attached here (taken from Cubase 9 Tutorial video), on my version Cubase 10 LE. Could anyone direct me to that?

Thanks in advance,

In the Project Window at the top of your Track list these is a down triangle close to the Inspector. Click it and select “Using Track Preset…” This will give you a display similar to your image. The display is highly configurable so it might not match what you are looking at until you config what Attributes to show.

FYI, this is really just a task specific view of the Media Bay. The Media Bay has everything that the Presets view offers plus a whole lot more. So you could also do what you want from the Media Bay.