Add Audio Track creates duplicate Audio Connections

This is a bug thats new from previous versions.

Add Audio Track - the new dialogue box appears.

Choose an input - this will be something you’ve already setup from within Audio Connections.

On a Mono Track you’ll get a new Audio Input Connection called - Mono In 1 (The name of the Input Bus you’ve already set up), and it will actually appear in the Audio Inputs dialogue box replacing your chosen connection!

On a Stereo Track you don’t see this newly created connection instantly within the Add Audio Track dialogue box, but it is created within your Audio Connections and selected.

The Audio Connections are a bit of a ham fisted way of setting up connections as it is -
they are unwieldily to set up in a helpful order because you can’t change their positions once created.
if you are sending out to a console you need mono, ‘odd even’ and ‘even odd’ stereo busses setting up - so you end up with tons of buses to scroll through.
The Inspector’s name columns don’t show enough characters when you have to name all these damn buses.

This bug means you have even more connections being created, with names so long you’ve no chance of working out what they are in the Inspector.


I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand your report completely.

Could you please write step-by-step repro?

So far I understand it so, that in the the Add Track dialog you can see a busses you didn’t create in the Audio Connections before, and the busses are created once you select it. Are you aware about the new “Select Hardware Input” folder in the Audio Inputs dialog, please?

Hi Martin

Basically, each time you create a new track via this new dialogue box, a new input is created in audio connections, so your list of inputs just keeps growing!

Try it. Create a new audio track and then look at your audio connections - you’ve acquired a new unnecessary input.

In my screenshot, I choose input ‘Neve 3’, and instantly I’ve now got yet another identical input called ‘Mono Input 3(Neve 3)’!

Are you connecting to a bus (pre setup connections in audio connections) or are you using “select hardware input”?
Your photo shows that you are selecting hardware input and not using your folder with your preset buses.

The first input showing up as mono in 1 is a “select hardware input” if you use those, it will become the mess you are discribing.
So first time you select, make shure to close the hardware input folder and select from your preset bus connections.
Then it will work as normal.

If you want to use the “select hardware input” make shure to navigate down to the bus if you are going to use the newly created input again, without making dublicates.

I think the select hardware input is better for the users with a few connections. For us with a lot of connections, it is just a distraction :wink:


Could you send a screenshot of the list of the inputs (at the moment you select the input), then add the track Then call the dialog again and make another screenshot. I would like to see this +1 bus in the list.

Ahh - no both you and Reflection are right - we now have both Audio Inputs and Buses in the menu. I didn’t spot this because my list of I/O and buses is way longer than the dropdown menu can show without scrolling.

But why has this been changed?

We have the Audio Connections page to set up all our Inputs, Outputs and Groups globally across all sessions. When creating new tracks, it’s not good workflow design to have the option of creating new buses pushed higher than choosing ones you’ve already created.

Why have the Inputs first and then the Buses? Connect to Bus should appear above Select Hardware Input - or at least have Cubase remember that the Select Hardware Input folder is minimised.

As it stands I now have to click and minimise the folder of Hardware Inputs before I can get to my Buses - yet more unnecessary clicking.

This hasn’t been very well thought through, and if it is that important, why does it not work exactly the same way in the Inspector with previously created tracks?


Probably to simplify the first steps to the beginners. They don’t setup the Audio Connections and they can choose the “Hardware Input” directly while adding a track.

Other DAWs have this option too.

Also, why create a new bus when choosing Inputs, if there’s already such a bus created in the Audio Connections?

Makes no logical sense - why would you need another?

If its for beginners, then at the very least have an option so that experienced users don’t have more clicking and scrolling in order to carry out a task we do lots!

You have to use this dialogue box to create every new track - it’s going to get really tiresome having to go through these extra steps every time. You’re an experienced user - you know what I’m saying is right…!

This is what I have to deal with every time I create a new track currently -

This would at least help if it could be changed -


I agree, once you collapsed the Hardware Input folder, it should stay collapsed for the next time. The window should remember the expand/collapse state of every single folder here.

Can we agree on this?

Of course!

As an aside, if Steinberg want to put in helpful features for beginners, they should go into Elements or Artist but NOT Pro. Pro should be geared towards efficiency. The obvious way to handle this would be to have a preference tab where, in a similar way in which you can turn off tool tips etc, you could remove these beginners elements.

This is driving me nuts too. Keeps wanting to create new inputs even though I’ve always got them set up.