Add audio track dialog - include selecting the 'Input'

So after I add a channel I have to then go and select the Input afterward. Is there a good reason why that isnt part of the ‘Add Audio Track’ Dialog?

+1 Good idea :wink:

It could pre-populate with your “default” input but, there should be a “Input Routing” field with a dropdown in the “Add Audio Track” dialog box to choose a different one.

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At present it does Default to input 1 of your harware as far as I’m aware. But a lot of the time you know what input you want use as your creating a track. Doesnt make sense to me not to have it on the dialog. Its a further step I have to do after closing it almost always.

Actually at present it uses the input that you designate as “Default”. I mentioned it so that, if they ever added a field to the dialog, that it too would pre-populate to whatever was chosen as default, then have a dropdown available to choose any other.

Again… good idea.

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Ah very good. Ok heres to seeing it in Cubase 18.5 !

If we are lucky. :wink:

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