Add Audio Track dialog - workflow query

Hi, When I add an audio track I’m of course prompted to to set its inputs/outputs etc.

When I open the “Audio Inputs” field I’m first presented with a list of all my audio hardware inputs displayed as an expanded tree, then below that the audio input busses that I have set up.
As I have 48 inputs on the system, I always have to scroll past that long list to get to the input bus I require. It’s no big deal, but it takes time and I have to do it every time I set up a new Audio Track.

Is there any way to get the list of hardware inputs to display as "folded " so I only have to scroll past one heading before reachng my audio connections (input bus) list. Or better still, to display the audio connection input busses at the top of the list, then the hardware input list beneath?

(I’m currently on C11 Pro but the dialog structure has been like this though several previous versions too, at least back to C7.5)

You can just click the triangle in front of the Hardware Input group to fold it.

Yes I’m aware of that. I just wondered if it was possible to set up the list so it appeared folded by default rather than open by default, or to reorder the list to display audio connections before hardware inputs.

Ya, I’ve wanted this as well.