Add Audio Track

I’m having a ‘senior’ moment…

What I remember is right clicking to add a track…and I would just appear…

Just today, I do the same thing, but it now opens up a box asking me again, this time it has the browse presets button…

I just don’t remember that ever popping up, as I recall, the track was just added period.


The Add Audio Track dialogue box will appear to determine what type of audio track you want: mono, stereo, 5.1, etc. This will appear if you right click in the inspector area or if you select Add Track from the Project pulldown. If you don’t want to see all of the presets, just click the Browse button and it will fold down to simple menu instead. Of course to bypass this you can always assign a Key Command to this action or setup a project template that has a few audio tracks already to go for you.

You can also just double click on an empty area of the channel stack (project window) and it will add a track of the same type currently selected.


Nice one Hugh I never knew that!!!