Add Audio Tracks - Additional option to create group(s)


not sure if this was already requested, would be handy from my point of view to have the option to add groups in the dialog where you add audio tracks. By today you need to create groups in advance and then you can assign new tracks to the existing groups.
If the dialog for adding tracks had a kind of advanced feature set, then it would be great to be able to not only assign all new tracks to a group but add specific new tracks to different (newly created) groups :slight_smile:

Which dialog are you talking about?

I mean, you can add groups when you add tracks (audio or whatever track). And you can select a group of tracks and then “add group track to the selected tracks” (and also FX).

Are you talking about this or something different?

A more generic version is here
Let the pre-set also include a optional group. So if you chose a pre-set with a group it will be added or of the group does not exist created.