Add Automation Panel buttons to MIDI Remote API with feedback

I would love for the next iteration of functions in the MIDI API to contain the various buttons in the automation panel so we for example can have a button on our mixer for the “Fill Loop” or “Preview” that lights up correspondingly with the current setting in the Automation Panel window.




I have the same need here! I already have buttons for setting automation parameters. Besides faders and transport, they’re the most used buttons on my setup.
All works fine, but the lack of visual feedback is really annoying.


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So happy to see the MIDI Remote API getting some love in the Cubase/Nuendo 12.0.50 update.

I’ll just bump this, as it would be immensely powerful to have.
But I suspect it might be something that’s reserved for the large Nuage console systems. At least I believe I’ve seen it on them.

If implemented, it could also be an only Nuendo feature, as the automation in Nuendo is much more advanced then in Cubase, and pushing post-production people to use Nuendo.