Add Automation Values

I’m really enjoying the upgrade in the automation area. It has greatly improved my workflow by a bunch, and I’m really happy about that, however, I do have one suggestion that I would like to point out.

There are no automation values when creating points with the range tool and dragging up/down, which is sort of a guessing game. I have to select the object tool and then select the 2 newly created points in order to see where the values are. This is clearly something that was/has been overlooked by Steinberg.

No values while hovering or clicking & holding to drag.

No values while scaling up/down.

Only way that shows values by selecting the two points

It would be nice to see this in an future update.

Thanks again for the great automation enhancements!!

I think relying on the use of the InfoLine in this particular case, is a very bad idea - and should not be encouraged. Sorry.

However, maybe you mean something more like this @Evertone

Now that’s the way this should be implemented in Cubase.! Please add your vote there if you agree. :wink:


That’s a perfect demonstration of what needs to be implemented into the automation editing workflow!


+1000. I use the InfoLine CONSTANTLY for edits.

+1 I too use the info line way too often to edit. Result: Too many clicks and the occasional typing numbers before I actually highlight the field which moves the project to the marker associated with the mis-typed number.

Regards :sunglasses: