Add bar count over a long tied note

I have a note tied for 10 bars. How do I add bar count numbers above ever bar, from the 2nd bar to the last? I don’t want to use the ./. (dot slash dot) bar repeat symbol. I would like to keep the actual note written for the whole 10 bars.

You could add a text object marking (Shift-X) ? I’m quite confident that this request has already been made, a while ago (and I could have used its implementation a couple of times too)…

Manually, as some sort of text - there’s no automated functionality for this (yet?)

My preferred method is to use Lyrics Above the Staff. You can enter one by getting the caret to the mid point of the bar, then Alt+clicking (using the grid, carefully) to following bars, then updating the contents using the Shift+L popover. After that, set the “Lyric text alignment” property to Right, for all of them, the “Line Placement” property to Above, then (with them all still selected) go Edit > Propagate Properties.

I realise that setting the Lyric text alignment property to Right is counter-intuitive, but because there isn’t actually a note there, Dorico seems to Center them (or at least close enough).

Ok will do as advised. Thanks very much for swift replies! :slight_smile:

I have found a rather roundabout way to do this.
In Write mode, cut the tie (U) at the first bar line,.
Select the rest of the tie. Shift-R, %1.
Set properties in the lower panel.
Re-establish the first tie.
In Engrave mode, Engrave, Music symbols…
Find and delete the symbol for “Repeat last bar”.
No danger - there is a button to Revert to Factory.

Smart, or set the repeat symbol to 0 opacity.


Edit: No, that hides the number also, sorry

Ah, yes, that should be better than deleting the symbol.
In Engrave mode, select the symbols.
In the lower panel select Color and set the Alpha channel to zero.
BUT the numbers disappear as well, so that defeats the exercise.
Any other alternative to deleting the symbol?

Another update.
It is not necessary to cut and re-join the tie.
Apply Shift-R %1 to the whole tie.
Then move the starting handle from bar 1 to bar 2.

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