Add bars behind selected barline

Hi team, I’d like to request an option to add bars using Shift-B behind a selected barline, in order to keep existing repeat barlines and such where they are… :wink:


Don’t select the barline, choose the 1st note in the following bar…?

Well, what if I’m writing stuff at the end of the piece?


In which case, presumably you’d most often be changing the original repeat barline anyway (to :||:) so it’s hardly a serious limitation!

I was just nicely asking for an option. If this issue I’m having is no problem for you, good… :slight_smile:


When I want to insert bars at the end of a flow, I go to write mode, click the “palette” icon on the right edge of the window, click the “final barline” icon on the same edge to open the Bars and Barlines panel, and in the Insert Bars section of the panel choose End of Flow, enter the number of bars I want to insert, and click Insert Bars.


That works. But for a program that takes pride in not forcing users to mouse around and click things all the time, this is somewhat atypically unelegant.
I’d much prefer a switch in the Shift-B popover… like “<” and “>”, for example.

All the best,