Add "blank" confirmation popup command


Sometimes you have a command or a macro that is a bit dangerous because it does things you can hardly see but that can be annoying.
One I can think of is duplicate track. I use this one a lot for vstis mainly.
but sometimes I just hit the wrong shortcut and duplicate track (ctrl+D for me) where I just wanted to duplicate the event (shift+D for me)
Duplicate event is easy to undo but duplicate tracks when you are on some big VSTis can freeze the computer for 10sec and is annoying. Like right now I was working on 5 orchestral VSTis all selected and wanted to duplicate events. It took almost a minute freeze (on a modern computer) with the duplicate tracks before I could undo.

So why not have a command that is “ask confirmation popup” you can add this at the beginning of a macro if yes, the macro passes on, if no it is canceled.
the pop up would look like : Confirm : “name of your macro” yes/no
you could also have 2 of those commands with one having No selected by default and the other one Yes.
All right i’m having fun here, let’s push things further : you have a tick box unchecked asking “never show this popup again” and the moment you click it the command is deleted from your macro.

A good suggestion I think. Tag your thread “feature request”.

For now what I have done is assign any rare or ‘dangerous’ function to a cumbersome key combination. That include shift+ctrl+alt plus the actual key on a Win keyboard. Seems to cut down on accidents for me. Just a thought.

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You’r absolutely right. Although the problem is after years those complex combinations are already used. And you might have to reorganize all to make it work (and get use to it !). Also for exemple here, duplicate track is a function I use quite a lot (violon1 > duplicate > work on violon 2 etc)and I like to have it under a simple combination so i keep one hand on the keyboard for the workflow :smiley:

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Got it.