Add cautionary time signatures

I have a problem that’s somewhat the opposite of this thread: hide cautionary clefs, keys and time signature - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

In a piece that alternates between sections in 7/8 and sections in 4/4, it happens that a system ends in 7/8, jumping via Dal Segno into a section in 4/4. The next system is the Coda which is again in 4/4.

Here’s a trivial (if idiotic) example to illustrate the situation:

How can I get a cautionary 4/4 signature at the end of the system to remind the musicians of the upcoming change?

You can’t. But it’s not the right place for that cautionary to appear, anyway, is it? Because you’re missing the place where you jump to the coda, which presumably won’t be the end of bar 4.

Thanks, Daniel. Of course this was a contrived example. In my original score, the D.S. al Coda is in bar 93 (in 7/8 time), the Segno is in bar 26 (which is in 4/4), and the jump to Coda is in bar 44, still in 4/4 (and the Coda itself starts in 4/4, as well).

That’s why I thought it might be helpful to show a 4/4 indication at the end of bar 93. I could also repeat bar 26 after bar 93 and then jump back to bar 27, forcing the time signature change. In this case, that’s probably the best solution because bar 26/94 is a “shout” unison bar before the 4/4 groove starts, so it also makes sense musically to move the Segno one bar ahead.