Add CC Data To A Dorico Score


Is it possible to add a Continuous Controller (CC) data to a Dorico score at this tme?

Also, can CC11 data be added to a dynamic such as P or F?

My thoughts are that this is not presently possible but thought I’d just ask anyway. I do realise this is easy to do in a DAW on a Dorico MIDI file


CC data are generated by the expression maps. You can specify any CC, but not attach data to specific symbols. Also check playback options…

Hello fratveno,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I had checked the playback options and your reply is what I thought. I’ll carry on working through my DAW.

Best wishes.

It is possible to make Dorico use cc11 for dynamics. See my post on this : How to: play dynamics for sustaining instruments - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

It’s not currently possible to control the dynamics in a controller lane, but we hope to address that soon.

Thanks Paul, will take a look at that.

Best wishes.