Add chord plus sign in chord editor not working

When I create a chord track and insert my first chord there is a plus sign on the top right of the chord editor that appears to be greyed out so it doesn’t let me add more chords. I had this working the other day but now I am not sure why it isn’t working. Any ideas?

thank you

The plus sign is only available for the last defined chord. If you need to insert a chord in-between two existing chords you need to use the draw tool.

How do you mean “last defined chord”? If I add a chord event with the pencil tool on the chord track, I am able to use the plus sign to add new chords without leaving the chord editor window, are you saying you cannot do this to add chords inbetween two chords?

Why don’t you try it out? I only describe what I see on my system. If I edit/add a chord and there is no other chord after that in the project timeline (i.e. it is the last chord), you will have the + sign available. If there are any chords after the one you are editing/inserting you don’t have the + sign available.