Add Chord + Sign puts the next chord symbol X many bars away

I use the + sign on the chord editor to enter chords on the chord track.

Normal behavior: When I select the last chord on the track, open the editor and click the + sign (top right), a new empty chord called X is added at the start of the next bar. At least that is what used to happen.

My problem: Recently, when I + add a new chord, the empty chord X appears at the start of bar 37. This is true whether the previous last chord was in bar 1 (so it jumps 36 bars) or bar 21 (so it jumps 16 bars). This is only a problem for this project: if I create a new project, all is well.

Work arounds that I have discovered:

  1. Delete the chord track and create a new chord track. This fixes the issue, BUT I’ve lost all the chords I’ve created.
  2. Move all my work to start at bar 38 and delete bar 1-37. This also fixes the issue and is the quickest fix. So I’m not stuck, just mystified!


  1. What caused the issue?
  2. Is there a simple fix that avoids the workarounds?
  3. Is there a parameter that controls where (how many bars or beats forward) the X appears? Normally at the next bar is fine, but sometimes I have a section of work where I would like to create a new chord every half bar or quarter bar. I create X, drag it back, create X, drag it back etc. which is a waste of key strokes - if I could just say “put X every half bar” that would speed up the work for those sections of music.