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Cannot overstate how useful that would be to those of us who are flooded with ideas as they sketch or produce music. I have a back-library of work which I always dipping into and have a good system for keeping track of my inspiration and ideas - but, better still, why not ‘pin’ those ideas to exactly the right spot in each song, and have them pop up as the song progresses? (or have the ability to keep a given note open?).

Imagine being able to pin lyrics, production changes, mixing ideas, different arrangements, to the events and time line?

For those of us who use Cubase as part of a team - the ability to draw someone’s attention to an exact spot, and have a message pop up just long enough for the next person down the line to understand my thoughts.

At the moment this happens outside Cubase, but if I pick up an old project, I need to hunt for my notes, and although I am well organised, it doesn’t always work.

If I could ‘pin’ text, audio or video to any event, and have it follow the event if it is moved, or even taken from song to song, better still!

Excel also has the option to make Absolute and Relative cell references. That principle could also be applied here, especially in big productions where changes or events are non-negotiable and must happen at a particular time.

This would take Cubase to the next level as a a tool for creativity and collaboration.

Try using long Marker names.

Thanks - Thqat’s a good idea!