Add Cubase Dynamics in Cubase Studio 5

Okay this is the problem:

Although I have been working with velocities to tweak dynamics, they only work for changing dynamics for one note. For instance, lets say you want to increase dynamics from pp to ff using one note. This means it only shows up as one velocity, meaning one dynamic.

Since I have cubase studio 5 I don’t know if you can add hair pins in the score editor or not. Although I have written hair pins in Finale 2011, the fact that it is one long note it doesn’t change dynamics in cubase since it is one note.

I thought about quantizing the note into smaller half so I can work with velocities but I don’t know how to do that or if it is possible. In FL studio I know how to do it but in Cubase I do not know how to do that.

Can anyone provide a solution to me: I would love to be able to work with a dynamic editor like in FL studio but I am sure that isn’t possible in Cubase studio 5.

I am ordering cubase 6 and I get it shipped tommarrow.

Thanks in advanced.


Okay I figured that you can split the notes manually but isn’t there a quick program to divide the notes?

For this you would use control change (CC) messages, such as #7, volume or #11, expression, depending on the device you are controlling.

Finale has a fully automated system that hides CC messages, but is using them under the hood, so to speak.

Congratulations- you’re going to love it, probably.

You will learn tons if you read the manual (and search the internet) about midi control change messages. For the example you gave here, search the manual for “controller lanes”

Good luck,