Add cue to projects mixconsole

I can not find any way to add cue params to channel/inspector or project mixconsole. It would be great if it was possible to see them there.

Do you mean Cue Sends? These are only available if the Control Room is activated and Cue Sends are set up there. Then there is a “Cue Sends” section in the Inspector. If necessary, the display in Inspector can be activated by right-clicking it and select “Set up Sections…”.

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Tnx. That works for the inspector, what about the projects mixconsole?

Same thing. Right-click on a panel section and select “Set up Sections…” in the context menu.

There I get “setup toolbar” or “setup tabs”.

Set up Sections

That looks like the channel Inspection. I would like to get a ‘set up sections’ in the project mixconsole in the same way as for the mixer view mixer.

I don’t understand this. What is the “mixer view mixer” if it isn’t the mix console?

Cue Sends in a Mix Console, the Inspector, Channel Settings and Control Room. Where else should they appear?

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Let me guess - you mean the Lower Zone MixConsole?

If you mean the Lower Zone MixConsole, there are no Cue Sends; only Faders, (FX) Sends and Inserts.

Which brings us back to the initial feature-request of making the Cue Sends visible there (see post #1 of this thread).

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There are two “major” views in cubase. The project and the mixer.
The project view also have lower zone with a mix console.

That’s right. But the controls in the lower zone are not as extensive as in the main view of the MixConsole. It’s a kind of slimmed-down version, due to space requirements.