add cycle export audio to video export


i love the export audio following cycle function ! already saved lot of time using this.
last interesting exemple was a movie for national geographic where they want the loudness checked per “acts” and because there’s a few seconds silence between acts in the movies we send them i didn’t want the average to drop there. so i exported 6 portions following cycle markers and that saves lots of times when you know you probably have to export it several times because of fix they want you to add later.

anyway !
another use i like is to export alternate versions of a music. I’m working on a short 10sec title and being able to export all versions within cycle markers and auto-naming them with ID to match the order i want the client to hear is perfect.

BUT i would love to be able to do the same while exporting the video !
would be nice to add export cycle markers to export video window.

+1 would be very useful for my work as a TV/Film composer (once the export resolution size has been sorted out of course!)