Add divergence panning to surround group?

5.1 surround mixing question. I’m sending a bunch of stereo channels into a surround group. That group goes to a surround audio track for mixing. I would like to control the center channel divergence before it gets recorded to the track. However, there is no panner in a group – when I double click the panner it is blank. Is there a plug-in or something that I can use for this?

Looking at the manual suggests that I should see a group panner, but it shows up a a black window to me. (8.0.20 and 8.0.5, Mac OSX 10.10.5)

Example: one stereo track is panned to the right so that it’s now spread between C and R. This goes to my surround buss. I’d like to change this so it’s not playing too much through the center channel, and I’d like to do it globally for the buss. Do I have to change divergence on every stereo track bussed there?

Maybe this is a bug? Stereo channels have a panner, why not surround channels? (Just tested in Cubase 7.5 and it doesn’t work there, either.)

This is an odd limitation in Cubase.
Not sure if Nuendo allows 5.x to 5.x panning.

It’s a big limitation especially for post work where you want to control divergence, rotation, etc.

There is a Plugin called AnyMix Pro that you might be able to insert on a 5.1 channel to achieve these things.

Haven’t tried it.


Edit: Just looked and it appears that AnyMix (Pro?) is included with Nuendo so . . there you go.

Thanks. I filed it as a bug:

I don’t have Nuendo, hopefully this can be resolved without buying a plug-in.

I really don’t think it’s a bug.
I think it’s functioning as designed.
I believe it’s just a feature they chose to omit from Cubase.

Now - It could definitely be filed as a Feature Request!

I’ll go for that!


Why would a stereo group have a panner but a surround group does not? Also, it is mentioned in the manual as something that is supposed to be there (p 116 or so.)