Add effects to a piece of a track on Cubase 8 el

Hi. First time I post and not sure if this is the right place, but here goes.

I am pretty new to recoding, and have used audacity up till now, and tried nuendo once.

On Nuendo it is possible to mark a piece of a recoded guitar track and then get that piece into a pop up window and manipulate and listen before you process.

I can not figure out how to do this in Cubase 8el, is it possible.

In Nuendo, which I do not have, you cut out a piece of your track, and point on it(mark it) You then go to the to the “Audio” in the top menu bar, and there is a section called “plug ins” and you get that piece of track and you can manipulate this to your liking and then press process.
In my Cubase there is no under section called plugins, and I cannot figure out how to manipulate just one piece of a track.

Can someone please help me with this? It would be much appreciated, thanks

Offline Processing is only possible in Cubase Pro

A couple of thoughts…

  1. You can assign a plug in to your track and control it (somewhat) through the use of automation. Meaning you can at least turn it on and off during different areas of the track.

  2. You could duplicate the track, assign the plugs ins to the duplicated track, then edit both tracks by cutting and creating parts as necessary on each track so that the parts you don’t want the effect are played on one track and the parts you do want with effects are played on the second track. You would have to use some fading in and out on the parts to create smooth transitions. Tedious work but, it can be done.

  3. More for the experienced user (and I am not sure if CB 8LE will allow it)… you would get a controller that you can assign to automate the effects. If done properly these actions could get recorded as automation on the track.

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Thanks for the replies guys.

How strange that cubase is so limited in this area compared to Nuendo and even audacity!! Not sure what to do now. I don´t think I can live without the option to manipulate my tracks with plug-ins. I use that a lot, e.g. if I want a wuawua effect on a piece of my solo, or a bit more distortion on a piece of my guitar. Also for vocals it is nice to put a bit more effects on parts of the singing. I suppose the idea of dublicating tracks is possible, but with 8le I only have 16 tracks, so that limits things a bit.

It’s really not that strange. There are different levels of Cubase and they have to leave out functions from the lower versions or no-one buys the higher versions.

You do realise Nuendo costs £1300 and LE is basically free.