Add Event Delay option

i use Track delay in Milliseconds a lot with MIDI specially with sample VSTi. For exemple to get good spiccato sound you need a bit of the bow attack but to make them on tempo you often need to offset them by 30ms. I prefer to set -30 on the track and be able to copy/paste edit etc without bothering if my midi notes are 30ms before beats etc… So track delay is usefull.
But some vsti (arcade from output for exemple) need more advanced delay compensation. their samples need a delay (like the spiccato above) but some keyswitch doing automation don’t (or less).
In those case it would be nice to be able to set the delay compensation in ms on the event itself. so some events are notes, some are keyswitches some are notes with other samples etc. could organise in lanes (if only lanes allowed naming…)
so anyway what you think ?