Add fast Attack for Accordion presests

a sound design request .if possible please add more presets for the accordion sounds in HS2, HSSE, H5 with fast attack,
need to re-position the sample start to get real fast attack ,tweaking the attack in Amp envelope does not help (can tweaked in H5 by user,but not in HS2)

its impossible to play fast phrases and trills (as in Balkan music for example), the sound is lagging and the notes don’t reach the proper attacked and full sound !
Thanks !

There’s an accordion in there?

Interesting :smiley:

I imagine you might have to engage some delay foolery, set the track back in time several ticks? I do this with some orchestral samples.

1:yes there is indeed !
2:and not, its not about latency issues, is where the start sample position placed in the individual samples.
when i open the same accordion presets in H5 i see the "problem"in the sample editor.
all accordion samples start with some silence or the very first quiet note of the accordion when played in natural relaxed playing with no super fast attack to it.
anyway its impossible to play fast phrases and trills with it and hear the fast attacked and full sound( or playback cuz its not latency issue)
( its like trying to play Paganini storm violin part with slow synth pad :wink: )
so instead of making a complete new accordion samples with real playing fast attack, i request a simple move to add some fast attack accordion presets by moving the start point of the samples to full amplitude.

no no! I know it’s not latency, but with slow developing swelling sounds, sometimes you wave to move the waveform back, so that the peak of the rise, meets the hit of a snare or whatever.

But with midi, I just take the entire track, look at the inspector, and actually offset the entire track. It’s non-destructive, free to adjust.

Of course this is only going to work if your timing is somewhat rigid (not completely freeform, if it is freeform, then it will have to be note by note!) - or of course they can just fix it, but I doubt it :wink:

but with slow developing swelling sounds, sometimes you wave to move the waveform back, so that the peak of the rise, meets the hit of a snare or whatever.

this is not the case. even if i play it without nothing, only solo not even with the grid or any tempo, the swelling sound is impossible to play very fast, the sound of the sample dosnt reach the full sound of the accordion by the time the following note is played it is swelling and not defined, with no attack they can not develop fast enough and they very shallow and can not move the musical vibe.(another metaphoric: its like trying to play groovy and punchy snare with drumsticks covered with thick sponge :unamused: :exclamation: )
they sampled the accordion note by note with the bellow acceleration every time, and in reality accordion is in full attack and sound when you play phrases cuz the bellow pushes the air constantly until position changed… but with this samples its like you push the bellow from nothing (silence) in every note played.

here is an image from Halion 5 comparing the same accordion sample with placing the start position of the sample on the point when the actual accordion sound is present. this small positioning in time makes huge difference when playing fast accordion styles !

I understand exactly!

There is no way to play that live. I guess there is no way to automate the sample start for all samples… well the exact starts would not be exactly the same.

You may have to do this yourself manually unfortunately, but lets see. I was still waiting for them to fix the Model C modulation noise.