Add Folder Dialog - can't input Folder Name

There is no provision to name a folder you are creating on the Add Folder Dialog which renders the Dialog pretty useless at present.


In Cubase 9.5 this dialog didn’t exist. Therefore you were able to add only 1 Folder track at the given time. Now we have an option to add multiple Folder tracks at once. But i agree, if we have this dialog available already, it would be nice to have an option to set the name.

Please, send it to the Feature Request section on the forum.

Doesnt it make more sense - in all dialogs - when you select more than 1 to Add that there is some sort of naming system for each item to add… and on the Audio Dialog that the input and out for the tracks your adding (and names) are configurable… probably in some sort of tabular or spreadsheet fashion (like the Audio Connections dialog)